In a previous post I promised, and I’m now ready to deliver. I have in my hands a printed copy of Macroeconomics from the bottom-up. It could seem unfair that an author celebrates a book, so I will let someone else do the job.

There are many critics of modern macroeconomic theory, but few do the hard work of constructing a useful alternative. The team of Delli Gatti, Desiderio, Gaffeo, Cirillo and Gallegati have been hard at work at this daunting task which culminated in this book. Take a look and judge for yourself whether they are successful. Whether you agree with them or not, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking and wide ranging learning experience if you read this book.

William A. Brock
Vilas Research Professor of Economics
University of Wisconsin, Madison

P.S. The editorial traffic of this week is quite uncommon; don’t get used to it.